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The current state of government job exam preparation scenario in the country is far from being up to the mark. Services are lagging in terms of overall infrastructure, technology, pedagogy and there is an absence of a convenient learning environment. A peek into the common issues in the industry makes the above statement more clear and perfectly highlights the dire necessity to inspire a change in the field, for students and teachers/education franchisors alike—


The world is going digital but still most services are only fixed classroom based where exams are taken on pen and paper


The attention is unfortunately more on theoretical aspects rather than a comprehensive practical assessment scenario


There’s no standardized pedagogy delivery keeping the current trends in mind


Lesser focus on National Level Examinations


Poor online and mock exam support


Less focus on mobile app based solutions


No real-time exam analysis


Courses are usually costly, time consuming without any provision for effective, short-time, and affordable options


Lag in provision of proper educational content and materials


Initiatives are not technologically enhanced


Lesser classroom hours


Lack of a centralized structure; mainly manual reporting


No flexibility in course fee payments


For franchisors, there are huge entry costs with lower ROI and the business model is too franchisor dependent


We, a team of over 25 years of combined domain experience, have carefully addressed the issues and designed the ideal solution for them. It’s actually a two-fold task. As we attempt to enhance the student’s learning capabilities, their knowledge foundation, and boost their job-readiness, we also take complete care of our franchises in every possible step so that they can continually provide the best of services. We understand that to fulfil our vision and goal of a transformation of the current scenario will require a comprehensive support and solution to both the knowledge acquirer and the knowledge giver, and hence we drive ourselves to provide the ideal services in both the factions. Over-time, with such an approach, we believe that we will become the front runners to achieve this grand vision and inspire a ripple of transformation in the whole of education industry in India.

Who we are ?

We are a technology based test preparatory corporation created by a group of professionals from education and technology domain with over 25 years of experience. Our members have served renowned education brands such as NIIT, Aptech, Manipal, Career Launcher, TIME, IBS-Hyderabad, Yash Birla, Sharda University, HCL, Wipro, KPMG, and PwC. We also have technology and content tie up with alumnae from IIT, JDU, and IIM


Is sky really the limit? Well, at-least for aspirations and career opportunities this doesn’t hold true. Our country and the world is almost a never ending well of opportunities and there’s no limit to what one can achieve in life.

However, this isn’t easy. Success is never an easy journey and there are no shortcuts. The first step towards success is a definite aim in life. Once you have decided what you want to do in life, comes the next step- the journey to achieve it. Well, the world is a battlefield. And though there are a plethora of opportunities available out there and there are no boundaries to achieving, remember that there are thousands of others just like you who are looking, striving, and dedicating their sweat to grab the opportunity that you have been dreaming since childhood. So, plain thought and burning the midnight oil with your hours, days of hard work is not enough to take you where you want to be. Amidst such a cut throat competition, you need to be smart and prepare yourself in a way that is different from others. That’s where we come in. We look at ourselves as a guide to your dreams, a sailor to the bright future you have always wanted. Our detailed, informative classes combined with assistance services are designed to suit your needs, your aspirations, and yes, your practical convenience too. We believe in the combination of hardwork and smartwork and we strive to chauffeur you through the right course to achieve success. You are not alone in this painstaking life battle, we assure you that we will assist you in every step of your career plan and be there whenever you need.

Don’t look behind, don’t be confused, and don’t give up. Just take a deep breath and take the plunge. We are there for you to guide you to the light; to the success you have always dreamt of!

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